5 Photos Most Beautiful Nail Art Decoration #3

5 Photos Most Beautiful Nail Art Decoration #3 || For you women will like nails feminine and beautify your nails is not it? Nail designs come in different shapes and colors. There is a very simple and easy to make such a design polka dots or stripes usual, up to the intricate designs such as floral patterns or complex color mixing. Here we have collected 5 photos example of art decorate the nails or paint the nails of the most interesting and amusing.

Pink glitter nail polish with cute pictures of flowers

Plain color nail polish with glitter gold and dark blue. Use the gold color so that you look more 'expensive'

Nail polish with a simple black design

Nail polish with a striped pattern in tiger

Nail polish with pictures of flowers sweet at hand. One of my favorite designs, yes very beautiful flower paintings.