Beware of Long Nails Cause Health Problems

Beware of Long Nails Cause Health Problems || Lengthen the nail is usually a penchant most women. So that the nail can be easily decorated, as well as support the appearance more feminine and pretty. Unfortunately, if treatment is not appropriate, then it could cause health problems. With so should be alert when they have long nails caused health problems. What exactly is the negative impact that can be generated?

Nails are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria Evil

Infectious Disease Society of America has published studies about the ill effects of long nails. Nails that have a length of more than 3 mm from the tip of his finger could be a hiding place for the fungus and harmful bacteria. When hand washing is usually the condition of the nails also rarely noticed, because it is more focused on the skin between the fingers and hands.

Most people apply the wrong way to clean your hands and nails. To really avoid exposure to germs, hand washing is recommended at least once cleaning under the fingernails for at least 15 seconds.

The hand is an organ most in touch with various objects. So the great opportunity to be a transfer of germs, bacteria and dirt. In addition to the hand as a whole, the nail is very vulnerable to a shelter and the development of germs and bacteria.

Negative Impact of Long Nails And Dirty

So that the nail does not become a development of bacteria and bad bacteria, it is important to keep it clean and cut regularly. Any actual negative effect on the nails are too long and not kept clean?
  • Long nails are very fragile and can injure skin. With so do not be surprised if when opening canned food, long nails will be fractured. Another example is when accidentally nails touching sensitive skin, the skin is scratched or injured.
  • Activities will be uninterrupted computer use. When owners of long nails is typing on the keyboard or laptop computer, usually will have trouble. Alau imposed this condition will result in pressure on the fingers. This is because it must withstand, so long nails is not the key of the keyboard. Not only when using a computer, when operating a smartphone or tablet may also be disrupted.
  • Bacteria and bad bacteria introduced into your body, when eaten. While I was eating, long nails that stores nasty bacteria and germs will easily move into the food. So that the evil germs and bacteria can enter the body. Nasty microorganisms that will trigger disturbance in the digestive system and can have a negative impact on diarrheal disease.
So that the nail is not easily broken and it always looks clean, it is very important not to lengthen the nail. Highly recommended to always use gloves when washing dishes, cleaning furniture, cooking and various other activities. The purpose of this method is as prevention bacteria and bad bacteria from various objects move to hand.