How to Do a Stripe Design with Tape - Nail Art Stencils

How to Do a Stripe Design with Tape - Nail Art Stencils || Yeah so an easy way to do a nail design if you don't have confidence in your hand. Painting skills is to use tape in the past year or so people have really gotten into this and it's because it's a very simple easy way to do very clean, intricate designs or something very
simple if you wanted number one rule.

When doing a tape design is to make sure that your base coat is completely dry it can't be tacky whatsoever, the tape you want to be able to push it down as hard as you can because if you. Don't do that, the paint that you put over it will go under the tape and it will leave a messy line and nobody wants that so make sure that your base coat is completely dry and then, i'm just gonna show you guys a really simple way to do like a nice striped look on your nail.

I use painters tape I find that's the best I'm sure you could use masking tape, I wouldn't suggest duct tape that would be too much scotch tape even would, probably work but we are just going to go ahead and cut some really thin lines with this tape and then set them aside, and try to make them as even as possible and i'm going to go in a diagonal fashion across my thumb ,so you just cut maybe seven or eight of these as straight as you can, and the great thing about using tape to do design is that if you're not good.

Enough it using your left hand when doing nail art when you put tape on it, you don't have to worry about that you just paint over it and the tape does the work for you, it's very lovely.

Ok so now just take your tape and just lay it over like I said I'm gonna do diagonal push, it down make sure that you get all the way to the edge of the nail and then, I just like to kind of squeeze in that crease right there, just make sure you have it on there as good as possible another one right next to it. 

Yeah and you know if you mess up you can always just take it off and put it back on again, simple as that you know I've also seen a lot of people, use i'm not exactly sure what you would. 

Call them but when you have a lot of papers in a binder and you want to reinforce the holes on the paper and those little stickers you can use those and put them on your nails, you can use any kind of sticker I guess stars, we won't have some fun with it get creative I mean go to not just an art, supply store but an office supply store you can find lots of stuff to use on, your nails. Ok.

So we have our tape down in our diagonal fashion go over it again, make sure that it's down as much as possible so that no paint will get under there should just wear it like that huh.

So I'm going to use black to put over this because we're going for a tease clam here, then just go ahead and cover the nail liberally, yeah sometimes you have to dab the paint on, there to get in all the creases extensively, we go that looks pretty good and I wouldn't suggest waiting for it to dry, just go ahead and peel these off one by
One and voila cover it with a nice top coat and you have a wonderful little stripe. Design using tape as easy as that