Five Ways to Take Care Beautiful Nails

Five Ways to Take Care Beautiful Nails || Not only the hair, the nails also need to be treated well so strong and lustrous.

Well-manicured nails will look beautiful. Beautiful nails and clean also can describe a person's hygiene and health conditions. In addition, beautiful nails can also add confidence.

Caring for Beautiful Nails
Hands are one part of the body most often exposed to various terms of current daily activity, from typing at the computer, holding the money to manage the food in the kitchen. Therefore it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of hands, especially nails. Note the care techniques and materials used in the care of your nails.

Limit salon treatments

Not infrequently, someone who wants to have beautiful nails do a manicure at the salon. In addition to practical, the result would look nicer than taking care of yourself at home. But, did you? It turned out that too often do a manicure at the salon is also not good for the health of nails.

Too often do a manicure at the salon will make the nails become brittle. This is because the nails are often exposed to the chemical elements that hard time in the salon. In addition, there is the possibility of infection or chronic nail surrounding parts of the nail should be flat but became swollen. Try to do a manicure at home. However, if you still choose to do it at the salon, you should bring your own nail care equipment.

Perform nail care at home

Take care when cutting nails with nail is already long. Cutting the nails regularly will keep awake and healthy nails look clean and pretty. After cutting the nails, try to smooth the nail tip with a file.

While doing manicurist, do not forget to treat the cuticle to give moisturizer. But remember, do not be too excessive in care. Do not push or even peeling kutitula as this may damage and make nail infection.

When cleaning the inside of the nail be careful because a lot of the risk of infection that can occur, especially when cleaning with tools that are long and pointy. Infection can occur when fungi or bacteria enter when incurred gap between the nail and the nail bed.

Do not overuse sanding and acetone nail

Sometimes sand the nail may help us in shaping the nails and make it more beautiful. However, instead of getting beautiful nails, use a nail sanding too often can actually make it damaged. Nails may have tiny cracks to crack permanently.

The use acetone to clean the nails can make nails broken. Acetone is found in nail polish removal fluids. A study found that brittle nails if cleaned with acetone will make the nails grow brittle.

Provide natural treatments

In order to get beautiful nails, try some of the traditional way using natural ingredients. For example, by soaking the nails with warm olive oil for 15 or 20 minutes. Olive oil can make nails more delicate.

To be strong nails and massage the nail sparkling by using a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice. When finished, wash your nails clean. Not only can make nails shiny and strong, lemon also can remove stains on nails. You do this by mixing lemon juice with a cup of water. Then soak the nails into the mixture for a few minutes. If you've finished, wash your nails and use a moisturizer

Rawat beautiful nails from the inside

If you want to get beautiful and healthy nails, you also need to maintain nutrition and take vitamins containing biotin. Biotin is one type of vitamin B complex. Research shows that biotin can make nails become thicker, so it is not easily broken and broken. Examples of foods that contain biotin are milk, eggs and nuts.

Nail conditions can describe the cleanliness and health of a person. Take care of your nails properly to look clean and pretty. To prevent infection or damage that may arise, you should be more careful in maintaining them.