Quick Tips Nail lengthen Long

Quick Tips Nail lengthen Long || Having a clean and beautiful nails is a dream in every woman. With beautiful long nails then wanitia will look more elegant. But, have beautiful nails is not easy.

Now it's time we pamper your nails with more care than ever before, so that your nails will look more beautiful.

Quick Tips Nail lengthen Long

Keep nails Cleanliness
Clean and take care of your nails to keep them in a clean state. And try your nails remain moist state. Please you give some kind of lotion on your skin while giving it and continue to nail.

Use Garlic
If during this garlic as a spice for cooking. But at this writing, garlic able to lengthen the nail. Your user please download the garlic and then you stab-stick to your nails if your nails clean dry finish. The benefits of garlic, then you will quickly nails long, strong, and looks clean.

consumption of Vitamin
Vitamin B and E a good way to lengthen and strengthen your nails. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins like above.

Soak nails in water Oranges
Orange juice containing folic acid and vitamin C can help the growth of your nails quickly. Please you soak your nails in 10 minutes and once done seilakan immediately rinse with clean water.

Water Soak rice
By soaking your nails in water rice then you will quickly nail longer than before. But, this way we have not been able meamastikan knows what it could happen. But, according to the people who are old, this method is very effective to lengthen the nail.

From some Quick Tips Nail elongate length above, please choose one or more of which you can do to lengthen the nail. And hopefully your nails long and beautiful fast as you want.