This disadvantage Have Long Nails For Health

This disadvantage Have Long Nails For Health || Most women like to lengthen the nail to make it look more feminine and easy to set up and decorated. But if not properly maintain it, long nails can be a source of disease and the cause of illness.

According to the recent study conducted by the Infectious Disease Society of America, the nails are longer than three millimeters of fingertips can keep harmful bacteria and fungi. Most people only focus on the skin of the hands and between the fingers when washing hands, but often ignore the germs under their nails.

As quoted from the Health Me Up, a lot of people do not clean your hands and nails properly. It takes at least 15 seconds to wash hands and clean under the fingernails in order to completely avoid harmful germs.

Wash hands properly is very important, because the hand is the organ of the human body most exposed to direct contact with tens or even hundreds of pieces every day. Whether at home while cooking, cleaning floors, washing dishes, holding the remote control or shake hands with others, pushed the button escalators, touching the bus seats up to hold paper money.

In addition to the hands, germs and bacteria on the objects that you touch all day was also attached to the nails, especially at the bottom. Nails also be a potential for germs and bacteria lodged, causing various diseases come easy.

Therefore, health experts remind the importance of keeping nails short and clean always maintained. It's a number of negative effects if you do not have long nails are well maintained.
1. Long nails are easily can injure the fragile skin around the finger. For example, when you open canned food and suddenly broken nails, or nails stuck in the zipper when you wear pants. If you include people who are careless or inadvertently, it should not lengthen the nail.

2. Typing on a laptop or computer will be more difficult if your nails are long. Consequently fingers under pressure that should not be because you have to hold so that the nails are not on the keyboard buttons. Typing on a phone or smartphone is also longer if the nails are too long.

3. Eating using hands when your nails long, will make the bacteria and germs have been introduced into the body through the mouth. Germs that enter can interfere with the digestive system and even cause stomach pain

If you still want to lengthen your nails, you need to take care to keep it clean and not easily broken. Do not use your fingernail to open objects that can make a broken nail or injured. Use tools such as a can opener or corkscrew. Also make sure you always wear gloves when cooking, cleaning the house or washing furniture to prevent germs lodged under the fingernails.

Stop nail biting habit. In addition to making the injured finger, the bacteria in the nails can also get into the body. For treatment, clean the cuticles and skin around the nails regularly. Eat nutritious foods rich in calcium, protein and vitamin E, and do not forget to drink enough water so that the nails are not dry and easily fragile.