How to Install Fake Nails

How to Install Fake Nails || Artificial nails can help change the look of your ordinary become extraordinary in a heartbeat. You can let your nails plain for a natural look or pay attention to your nails, do manicures, anything can be done! If you want to install artificial nails for a dance event or a date night, or you just want to make you look more beautiful, see Step 1 to learn how to install artificial nails.

Preparing Your Nails

1. Remove your old nail polish. You have to remove your old nail polish, even if the paint is white translucent, to install artificial nails. If there is still a long nail polish on your nails, then fake nails will be more difficult to stick to. The nails are going to take in one or two days unless you do this important step.
  • If you already wear false nails, both acrylic and gel, must let loose the fake nails and clean your nails. You can use acetone or any other way to do it.
  • Wash your hands after using acetone or nail polish remover more. The chemicals contained in nail polish remover can make your nails become dry.

2. Soak your nails. Prepare a short manicure before attaching artificial nails, so that your nails stay healthy and to make artificial nails can be attached as long as possible. Start by soaking your nails in warm water for about five minutes, until your nails nice and soft. Dry hands and nails with a cloth.
You can add soap or hand soap into the water if you want, but do not soak your hands in a solution containing oil. Although the solution containing the oil is excellent for moisturizing your hands, but with the remnants of oil on your nails before you install the fake nails fake nails will make it difficult to stick to.

3. Cut and nail file you. Use nail clippers to spruce up your nails so that everything equally. Cut your fingernails short, but not too short; leave a little tip on your nail so that artificial nails can get more fields to stick. Use a nail file to smooth the edges of your nails.

4. Get rid of your cuticles. While the skin around your nails are still soft after soaking, use a cuticle stick or cuticle pusher to push your cuticles gently. This way you can make sure you're attaching artificial nails to nail you, not your skin.
Do not cut your cuticles, but encourage the cuticle using a plunger. Your cuticle protects the inside of your nails from infection and cut it will increase the risk of accumulated dirt or germs there.

5. Rub your nails. Use nail polisher to polish your nails properly. This will make the surface of the nail to be somewhat rough, which makes artificial nails stick more easily. Clean the dust when you're done.

Replacing False Nails

1. Put your artificial nails. Open the wrapper and put all the nails in the order in which you wish to install. The biggest nail to your thumb, and the smallest for your smallest finger. Make sure artificial nails fits comfortably in your natural nail, and miserly use to form the bottom edge if necessary.
  • Fake nails most easily installed using simple tools, namely nail glue. Your tools should be equipped with artificial nails and nail for every bottle of adhesive.
  • If you have the means to put an acrylic false nails, this process is more complicated. See the article How to Install Fake Nails Acrylic as a guide.
  • If you have the means to put fake nails gel, see the article How to Install Fake Nail Gel.

2. Replace the first nail. Pour a drop of glue above your natural nail, and again at the drop of glue fake nails that will be attached to your nails (not part sticking out of the nail). Be careful when putting on false nails to your natural nail so that the arch bottom mounted fitting perfectly with your cuticles. Press your nail and hold for 10 seconds so that the fake nails sticking.
  • Make sure the nail is attached firmly on your natural nail, without a gap.
  • Do not use too much glue. You do not want the glue to gush out from the sides. A small drop is enough. If the glue gushes out, use a cotton swab to wipe it away gently.
  • Be careful not to install it slant. Because nail glue dries quickly.
  • Begin to put nails on your dominant hand first.

3. Repeat the above steps for all remaining nails. One by one, put each nail using a drop of glue. Remember to press each nail for 10 seconds to make sure the nails were pressed on your natural nail.

4. Nail file into the shape you want. You can use a regular nail file to mengikirnya into classical forms such as oval or square, or whatever shape you prefer. If you like the original form of the fake nails, you do not need to change.

decorate Nails

1. Paint your nails. Some fake nails already contained ornaments on it, but if yours is plain, you may want to add a bit of flair in it. If you want a classic look, it will be enough just with fewer layers of paint were nice. In addition to the monotonous style, consider the following designs:
  • Colorful nail gradations
  • Themed nail flower
  • Themed nail galaxy
  • Themed nail ladybird / ladybug
  • Nails themed marble

2. Add a little sparkle. You can add a layer of shiny paint in any color, but if you want your nails are very prominent, rhinestone paste on your nails. You can create luminous display by installing them in each of your nails, or use rhinestone such as an elegant accent in your design.

3. Do a French manicure. It is a beautiful and natural style that will look great on your fake nails. If you want your artificial nails have a realistic touch, French manicure is the best way. You can purchase a French manicure or nail varnish pink, clear and white yours.

4. Try a special pen for nail art. This pen consists of an assortment of colors and makes it easier to create the design you want, without the chaos caused by a brush like nail polish. Try to see polka dots, or create something more complicated, such as panda or strawberries.