Man with the World's Longest fingernails

Man with the World's Longest fingernails || Guinness World Records named man of Indian origin as the Man with the longest nails in the world.

The man named shridhar Chillal, according to the nail he never interrupted since he was 16 years old. whereas now he has turned 78 years old.

62 years old nails that are on the left hand never cut off, until curled into several layers.

Despite her difficulties in their daily activities, he still continues to lengthen the nails in his left hand.
When ditanyain "early bagaiamana can maintain this throughout the nail?", Then shridar also recounts the time was still in school, he often scolded by his teacher caught her fingernails long time, since the events that began shridhar nails in his right hand.
Here is information on the length of the nails: 
  • Thumb : 2 Meter
  • Finger : 1.64 Meters
  • Middle Finger : 1,86 Meter
  • Ring finger : 1,81 Meter
  • Little finger : 1,79 Meter