7 Tips to Cut Nails Right

7 Tips to Cut Nails Right || Ladies, nails is an important part of the body is not important, but often is considered by some people especially for a woman. Nails are not just left as they are, but get special treatment to support the appearance.

Yes, there is a lengthening fingernail to appear more slender, also take care of adding nail polish on her nails. In fact, paint nails are part of a trend that is loved by women. Quite often the women are willing to sit for hours in the salon and spend hundreds of thousands of her purse to do manicures pedicures and coloring her nails with nail polish colors.

However, taukah you? In addition to paint nails, there are no less important things that must be done that is taking care of our nails. One of them is to learn about the correct technique to cut nails. Because, if wrong in cutting your nails, then your nails will look untidy. You can also nail injuries because it does not cut properly.

Well, the following 7 Tips to Cut Nails Right you should look to get healthy and beautiful nails.
1. Nail clippers Sharp
If you want to cut the nails, nail clippers make sure you are really sharp. Do not use nail scissors are not sharp because it is so risky, make your nails broken, nails are not cut perfectly, even hurt your nails. However, still be careful when cutting your nails by using nail clippers sharp.

2. Cut One Direction
Well, next is the technique of nail clippers in one direction only. For example, if you cut your nails to the right, then to the next nail try the same direction. This affects the nails flat, neatness and direction of growth of your nails. Cut with random directions will make your nails look untidy.

3. Cut nails Long
Well, for those of you who like to lengthen the nail and feel your nails are too long may you want to shorten the nails cut. Do not just cut ya! Because nail display tend to be more brittle and difficult if immediately cut entirely. So, you can cut it off bit by bit from the end of the outermost continue retracts up to the hilt.

4. Never Too Short
Do not cut the nails too short, it can hurt your nails because the skin of the closest of your nails are part of sensitive skin.

5. Perform at Points of Light
We recommend that you take action to cut nails in a bright place. Moreover, if in the room at night. You do not want to risk any nail cutting, right? You can also directly examine the nails uncut.

6. Puree Nails
After cutting across your nails, do not forget to spruce up your nails with a nail file with a polished manner. How this is done because the nail will typically be sharper after the cut, so puree your nails so as not to injure other body parts or injure other people who interact with you.

7. Apply Lotion
Lastly, use a lotion so that your nails become soft and well manicured cuticles. Lotion or cuticle oil will help take care of your nails Ladies humidity.

Well Ladies, pretty easy right? Now have beautiful nails is no longer a dream. You can take care of your nails by applying 7 Tips to Cut nails Right of Shopious this time. Good luck, hello gorgeous!