Nail Art Designs Tips How to Take Care Nail To Look More Beautiful and Lovely

Nail Art Designs Tips How to Take Care Nail To Look More Beautiful and Lovely || Having a clean and shiny nails are a reflection of their owners. Especially for women who want to look beautiful, caring for nails is absolutely a must do. Because untreated nails will look dry, dull and damaged.

Best nail care to make it look shiny that use natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are safer to use because it can soften and make nails more delicate.

Many people are rarely nails due to busy owned. In fact, for treating nail itself does not require a long time.

Natural Ingredients to Make Nail Looks Beauty
Nails can do while relaxing or resting at home. The materials needed are also not difficult to obtain.


Lemon is a natural ingredient that has been widely used for beauty treatments. One of them is in nail care.

Lemons contain vitamin C is high enough so that it can make your nails look more beautiful, beautiful and shiny. How to use it is also very easy, just grab a lemon and cut out into several sections.

Use lemon slices to clean the nail until it looked clean. We recommend that you set aside some time before it is rinsed or cleaned using water. Caring for your nails with lemon also effective for cleaning nails yellowish.


Garlic is also used as a food seasoning can also be used to treat nail in order to look beautiful. In addition to making nail cleaner, the use of garlic also can strengthen the nails that are not easily broken.

How consumer is to take a clove of garlic, then cut and apply on nails will be cleaned.

For you who have a rather long nails, garlic plug on the nails for a few moments to strengthen nails so it is not easily broken. So the results more perfect. Do this treatment up to several times a week.

watermelon rind

Watermelon skin that looks to have no benefit reality can be more beautiful nails. The trick rub watermelon rind on the surface of your nails. After waiting until the water melon attached to the nails to dry before cleaning. Once dry, then rinse mengguanakan water until clean.


Fruit that has a very sour taste it contains vitamin C which is very high. Because of its acidic nature, starfruit effectively used for treating the nails so shiny.

How consumer is by splitting starfruit, and rub it on the surface of the nail until it looks clean and beautiful.

There is no excuse for not taking care of your nails and let it be damaged. How to care for nails that have been described above is very practical and will not take up your time. With proper nail care, your nails will appear clean, beautiful and shiny.