Gel Nail Designs - Here 4 Ways to Decorate Nails Japanese style

Gel Nail Designs - Here 4 Ways to Decorate Nails Japanese style || The growing world of fashion and beauty make many people continue vying to be creative with what is around them. Ranging from clothing to makeup to accessories attached to our bodies. The most rapid development is on clothing. Fashion trends are emerging with diverse variety which is quite amazing. Well, if do not want outdated, accessories was also running to catch up. It can be seen from more and more manufacturers are producing accessories rings, necklaces headbands, etc. in various shapes, types and styles. And not just dwell on rings, necklaces, bracelets and headdresses, but now accessories have penetrated up to the nail. Nails art is one way to decorate nails Japanese style that is now quite attractive by women both young teenager or adult.

Nails art, as the name suggests, this is one of the nails accessories such as makeup of some kinds of basic materials such as nail polish, rock, stickers, and acrylic. The nails art combines these basic ingredients into a painting, drawing, color can be customized. Nails art itself consists of various types and also the basic ingredients that you can choose according to your preferences. Each has a unique base material because that select the most appropriate to your uniqueness. A pleasant enough for nails art that are flexible, you can make it over the nail directly or using fake nails that are tailored to its users.

Well, to be more clear about the basic ingredients that are often used in art nails, the following will be a little review. A bit much this will help you determine the basic ingredients which are compatible with your uniqueness.

Nail polish

One of the basic ingredients of a Japanese-style nail design the most simple and easily found is polish. Polish or nail polish can be applied directly as usual with memoleskannya manner in accordance with the nail color, style and theme that you want. You can vary the color and form of paintings, but make sure it is in accordance with the character and setting. Type nails using nail polish art is more often called the art of nails nail polish, you can find thousands of examples of this kind of art nails on the website page.


Do not think that if rocks are nice only to decorate the house and around, apparently rocks can also decorate your little finger. For good results, choose the stones are small with a color or style that is unique. Do not forget to adjust the size of your little finger. One measure in determining the rock's not going to beautify nails art but it will give a bad impression on the finger. Nails art stone is a term for nails art with the basic material of rocks.


The use of nails or a sticky paper art known as nails sticker art is one of the most desirable among others. Besides being easy to use, nails art sticker has a water-resistant properties and this makes it last longer than others. Nails art sticker is also available in an assortment of colors and styles, so do not worry if you can not be creative with this one type that actually you have enough options to create.


These translucent material will show the original beautiful color of your nails, which is then added a little ornament to show exotic impression. This type is often called the art of acrylic nails. Nails art acrilyc is also quite a place by lovers acrilyc. Design and range of options makes it a very popular concept.

That's some kind of base material that is often used to decorate a Japanese-style nail or nails often known by the art. There are so many more themes, ideas, or concepts that you can choose such as logos, symbols, flags, flowers, or 3d. Along with the development of fashion, so the more video tutorials on nails art that can help you. But remember, the requirement to look pretty attractive is the skill to mix and match, so, pintarlah to integrate art nails of your choice with the right settings. May be useful.