Nail Polish : 5 Quick Ways and Right Whiten Nails

Nail Polish : 5 Quick Ways and Right Whiten Nails || Nails is one part of the human body whose role is to protect your tiny fingers of lacing a hard object that will hurt him. Nails have a structure that is strong and hard the same thing with the bones and teeth. Under a layer of nails, there are a lot of nerves that are sensitive to the touch but it also contained capillaries duty to supply blood to the entire body. This is one reason why the surface of the nail appears red. Such as hair, nails are also growing, fingernails experienced a growth rate of about 0.5 to 1.5 mm in a week. Makadari it, long nails with nail identikkan often in less maintenance. And this will be the place of entry and exit of germs and dirt into the body, especially when we're eating.

Because the nail is one part of the outer body, it helps if you also give more maintenance. Some women with a fingernail maximize maximize treatment on her nails, either just give a manicure or nail polish. And sometimes it spent quite a lot, but the result is the maximum to support a beautiful and charming appearance.

However, unfortunately, often bergonta nail polish turns effect on the original color of the nail. The nails become yellow and this certainly will not be a pretty picture. Healthy nails we can see from the color, fresh white color indicates that your nails are in good health. If your nails are yellow or pale white, meaning your nails in a state that is not healthy and you need to give extra care. Well, here I give you a few ways to whiten nails to return to its natural white color fresh.

Lemon and Salt

small yellow and has a wry sense proved to be extremely useful to brighten nails. Lemon with high acid content that is useful as a natural lightening nails. If you want to brighten up your nails with lemon, just rub on a regular basis in the lining of the nail. For maximum results, you can combine lemon with salt and rub it on the tip of the nail.


including in the hardest part of the body and has a similar structure to the tooth. Well, because its structure is similar to the teeth, you can use toothpaste as a way to whiten nails. Same way as you use it to brush your teeth. Take a toothbrush, give toothpaste and rub it on your nails regularly every time the shower. This is an effective way to make your nails look shiny, brighter and more white.

Soap water
In addition to the combination of lemon with salt, you can also combine lemon with a bowl of soapy water. Simply soak your nails about 4-7 minutes in soapy water that you have mixed with lemon. The first effect will happen with your nails is a little taste dry. After it to show healthy nails, apply lotion on nails.
How to whiten nails in addition to the lemon which combines soapy water and white vinegar. Soak about 8 minutes and natural white color nail slowly but surely going back.

Baking powder

One natural whitening is quite well known and potent was baking powder. Baking powder will restore the natural color of your nails when you silence this solution at your nails about 30-60 minutes.

Avoid Nail Polish

Besides you do a number of ways to whiten nails on top, it's good to rest the use of nail polish. Resting use nail polish means avoiding the use of acetone which will erode the natural color of the nail.