Gel Nail Polish : Using Nail Polish 4 Things to Look

Gel Nail Polish : Using Nail Polish 4 Things to Look || We already know that the whole beautiful appearance is not only seen on the display face and suit of clothes, but also the selection of the right accessories and precision in its use. Nails is the smallest part that often escape the attention of many people. However, it turns out the nail has a very dominant role in supporting an appearance. Because of this, often many people are willing to spend their heartiest order to obtain a perfect nail care.

As well as putting on makeup for the face, wearing nail polish also should not be arbitrary. You need a lot of caution and precision in order to reveal beautiful nails perfect. Well, do you know how to use the right nail polish to make it look perfect? Here is a few things that you can make a reference when you use nail polish.


Do not forget, the nails also like other parts of the body. Nails also need vitamins to keep it healthy. Healthy nails is not a nail with a pale white color, but the nails with a fresh white color. Well, what about him? To maintain the health of your nails, use a nail vitamins such as hand and lotions for the care of each of his heart, or you can also use some natural ingredients to keep your nails remain in a healthy state. Make sure your nails will be maintained, due to a lack of vitamins in the nails will cause it to be easily damaged, and you certainly do not want that.

Avoid Shaking Bottle Nail Polish
When you are going to use nail polish, avoid to shake. Shaking the bottle of nail polish will only make the bubbles appear in it, and usually it will be difficult to remove bubbles. Bubbles in nail polish will result in staining of nail polish is not perfect. So, as much as possible avoid shaking it, just roll the bottle of nail polish on hand.

base Coat
It is a liquid that is applied to the nail before you cover it with nail polish. Base coat is useful to protect the nail from the nail polish directly, so before you use it, make sure you protect your nails with this fluid.


Nail has thousands of color choices are very varied. Although color is a taste of each individual, however, as possible choose a color that can give the impression of a clean and healthy nails. To display the colors healthy and clean, you can choose the color of nail polish as bright pink, pink beige, clear, beige or rose. If you like want to give the impression of elegance and daring, you can use color with the firm impression like plum and red. Light colors will indeed show you nails clean and healthy, but it has shortcomings. Shortage of bright colors that looks ugly when the nail polish has faded. However, regardless of the color choices, make sure you select them in accordance with the atmosphere and events. Semisalnya, when in an atmosphere of mourning, try to always avoid colors such as red firmly. This will give the impression inappropriate.

Those are some things in the use of nail polish that you should consider before you use nail polish. Besides the above, be sure to take care of him every day in order to keep your nails in good health. Use natural ingredients like turmeric, lemon, garlic, starfruit, etc. to take care of him.