Nail Art Designs : Tips for Choosing Nail Polish

Nail Art Designs : Tips for Choosing Nail Polish || For you women who are bored with the normal appearance of the nail and wanted to try the nails look more attractive, you can try to paint your nails. Paint nails is one complementary to beautify the fingers. Paint nails with polish / nail polish also become a hobby of women. Because if a woman had tried coloring their nails, they will try again with the color / design different. And gave her nails and unique colors can indeed make an appearance to be more shining and charming. However, in the selection of nail polish colors to be adjusted to the shape of the nail and skin color. Do not let the color chosen, dead skin or even look tacky. This is usually due to a combination of colors that is less suited to the skin and shape your nails. Create buff nail polish, we will give you tips on how to choose the right nail polish.

Choosing an appropriate nail polish with nail shape
  • Nail shape is long and slender is ideal so that all the colors of nail polish is perfect to have. If you want to accentuate the shape of the nails are long and slim, matte color beigi highly recommended.
  • For those who form wide nails, nail polish should avoid dark colors, such as plums, dark red and brown because of the colors as it will make your nails look more broadly. The owner of a nail width should choose a soft pink color to give the impression of nails longer and slender.
  • For women who shape the nails short to avoid nail polish with bright colors such as orange and red light because light colors make short nails look increasingly shorter. Should choose nail polish shades of brown are close to the skin color. With so short nails will look longer and leaner.

Choose the nail polish that matches the color of the skin
  • Women who have a light or white skin usually match any color of nail polish. For those who have clear skin pale barely use the lighter shade such as pink or blue to make it look fresh. However, although the light-skinned women can try any color, avoid colors that are too dark because it would look too pale.
  • For women who have medium skin color or being able to choose the colors that light up like pink or orange and can choose the wanted colors are metallic or glossy. Bright shades are the perfect color for the skin color was.
  • For those who have dark skin color, choose a color that is thick and not too bright. Colors such as brown, dark green, red or burgundy suitable for dark skin. Avoid pastels because it will make you look plain.
If you want to match the skin color of the nail with a simple, dark colors for dark skin, bright colors for darker skin. Light skin will look more beautiful using nail polish color of light and dark skin looks beautiful with dark colors being.